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High Fives

Youth Service San Diego (YSS) is the volunteer youth group for the Hindu Community Center (HCC) for kids of age 10-18. 

The group serves as technology and  youth (social) experts for the Hindu Community Center by being actively involved in the website development, social media engagement as well as create student-led volunteer programs that serve the local community needs and positive environmental change. 


YSS  events bring people together, build awareness of social needs and also work on charity programs that donate food and toiletries to the homeless, as well as organizing Indian fine art demos, and other events.


Joining YSS is a great way for youth to connect with their culture and make new friends,

and it's also a good way to fill any community service requirements for high school graduation or for college resumes. YSS volunteers who contribute 30 hours of service during a year will receive a certificate at the end of the volunteering year

About US

The mission of YSS is to create student-initiated, student-led volunteer programs that serve local community needs. Parent leaders will provide guidance. By creating a collaborative, inclusive, and safe environment, students are encouraged to become active creators of their own learning through exploring new ideas, developing leadership skills, and connecting deeply with peers and community participants

  • To provide opportunities for students to explore their values, passions and potential career paths.

  • To encourage students and those they serve to become advocates of positive social and environmental change.

  • To facilitate opportunities that connect the cycle of service and learning by coordinating volunteer opportunities based on identified community need.

  • Speakership. Invite Prominent members of the community to talk about their careers, passions, and how they got to where they are.

  • Earth Day and Enviornemntal initiatives

  • Volunteering and Food Banks 

  • Care Packages for Women and Homeless Shelters

  • Sankranthi Kite Festival

  • We plan to have a volunteering event every month and bi-monthly meetings online

  • Planning will be virtual over zoom. Actual events will mostly be held at the Hindu Community Center (HCC)

  • We ask for 2 - 4 hours of volunteer time per event

  • Provides opportunities for youth to explore their values, passions and potential career paths.

  •  Encourages Youth to serve to become advocates of positive social and environmental change.

  •  The Hindu Community Center board will provide certificate of voluntary hours to each of the volunteers that they can use towards volunteer credits

What type of events will we be doing?

How often do we plan to do these events?

How much time to do you need to volunteer?

Where do we meet?

How does it help you?

How do you sign up?

Mission Statement


Meet The Team


Aanika T.


Hi! I found YSS to be a great way to connect to my culture, serve my community, make new friends and have fun while I make my impact to on this world.


My Grandfather told me that I should "leave the world a better and more beautiful place than I found it". I hope to make him proud.


Siri T.

Vice President

Hi! I learnt a lot about website design, social engagement and how to reach out to fellow youth in the service of our community. Come Join us! It will be a fun ride!

Be a Part of the FUN

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